Whimsical Automatic Long Lasting Curler





"This is AMAZING!! My hair is very straight and curling has always been hell and they didn't last. With this machine it's simple and very fast and I've lasted days!! I can't believe it!" - Sarah 


Your Curls Will Actually Last Now! 




Why You Need Our Whimsical Auto Curler 


✅ No more cords to deal with while curling your hair!

✅ Your curls will last all day + some! 

✅ No more burning arms from holding the curler over your head for a long time

✅ Curl your hair anytime, anywhere! 

✅ Create smooth and consistent waves all around 





Curl Your Hair Anytime, Anywhere! 

✅ With its portable design you can travel with this curler no matter where you’re going. You don't have to worry about carrying outlet converters anymore! While you charge your curler your phone will also charge. Win win! You don’t have to look for outlets anymore



USB Rechargeable Portable Cordless Automatic Hair Curler - Gadkit



No More Burned Finger Tips! 

✅ With this automatic design you don’t have to hold your hair strand on the wand. Your fingers don’t have to go anywhere near the heat anymore at all! 




Curl Automatically In Any Direction! 

✅ With the convenience of your traditional wand you can still curl in any direction. For a formal look curl away from your face in the same direction. For a casual look change direction with each hair piece. 





Easy To Read LCD Screen

 LCD screen tells you everything you need to know. The direction of your curl, length of time, temperature, and battery level. 





 Multiple Settings For The Perfect Curl 

✅  With so many different time settings you can create the perfect curl to your liking. Several temperature levels also allow you to use this curler no matter how fine or thin your hair is. For looser curls choose lower time and temp. For tighter curls choose higher temp and time. 








Save Time Without Sacrificing Your Beauty

✅ Are you running late and need to do your hair on the go? On a girls trip sharing a bathroom? No room for another cord in the outlet? You don't have to wait for those things anymore! Now you can sleep in and look just as beautiful in much less time. 






✅ Depending on the stock and your location we will ship from a warehouse that will ensure the fastest delivery. Shipping times vary 7-21 days depending on your location. Due to COVID-19, it may take slightly longer than normal to ship your order.

 We stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Due to high demand, we often sell out. If you have any further questions,  Let us know. We’re here for you!