Lumbar EasyFix




"I AM SHOCKED AND 90% BETTER! I tried level 1 and 2 for a total of 5-8 minutes. I immediately saw improvement. This is a miracle product. This is truly magic and wonderful.  Must buy this to live a pain free life!" - Kyle Verified Buyer


Relieve all back pain and stress in just 10 minutes a day! 



Reasons why this will change your life

Improve with just 10 minutes a day
Immediately relieve chronic back pain 
Release tension and tightness
Enhances posture and corrects imbalances
✅ Improve flexibility and range of motion 
✅ Take it with you on the road, to work, or on vacation 
✅ The best relaxation after a long day 
✅ Decompress your spine



Easy to use- Fix arch position into the first slot. Place the device on the floor or your bed facing your hip. Slowly lower yourself on the device with your back on the device. After about 5-10 minutes simply roll over and enjoy your pain free back




✅ Multi-level design- Our Lumbar EasyFix is designed to have multiple levels for the comfort of every user. Adjust it to your desired level for easy stretching and effective pain relief. Start at level one and gradually increase the stretch without overwhelming your back



✅ Sturdy and Portable- Our Lumbar EasyFix easily comes apart for flat storage. You can take it anywhere with you. At home, at the gym, in your car, or your office chair. This is also an amazing gift! Everyone will love you


What our customers say

"Doesn't take space. Super small. Fits everywhere. Super easy to use and takes seconds to set up. The relief is immediate. Even if I use it for a bit longer, I can get off of it easy by rolling over. Makes me to feel like a jelly fish.



Statistics say that 60-70% people suffer with low back pain. Do you come home with back pain? Long drives in the car? Long hours In the office? Or perhaps you're on your feet all day? That doesn't have to be you anymore. We have got you covered. Grab one for yourself today and enjoy a pain free life.

 You can 't put a price on a healthy back 


Depending on the stock and your location we will ship from a warehouse that will ensure the fastest delivery. Shipping times vary 7-21 days depending on your location. Due to COVID-19, it may take slightly longer than normal to ship your order.


Due to COVID-19, it may take slightly longer than normal to ship your order.


We stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.



Due to high demand, we often sell out. If you have any further questions,  Let us know. We’re here for you!