Multi-Function Adjustable Phone/Tablet Holder




"My marriage is changed!! This has been the best money that I have spent in a long while! My wife kept complaining about me putting my iPad on the kitchen counter, next to the wet sink. So this was her solution. I attached the bracket to the wall in the kitchen and now anytime I need the iPad to watch something or for a recipe it's perfect." -Josh 





What is the stand good for?


 Mounted on kitchen wall for recipes

✅ Baby monitor stand

✅ Mount in your RV for trips

✅ Comfortable camping movie nights

✅ Check in station at your daycare/spa

✅ Double monitor in your office 

✅ Cash register stand in your boutique

✅ Mounted in your garage for DIY projects

✅ Mounted on your bedroom wall for TIKTOKing 




2 in 1 portable/compact stand- Use this as a desktop stand or mounted to the wall. You can always pull it out from the wall mount and use it as a stand when needed. You can now take it on the go to work, anywhere in your home, or even to the beach for a relaxing Netflix and chill evening.  




✅  Fully adjustable and flexible- Now you will experience convenience at its peak! Five movable joints allow you to place it in whatever position is most comfortable for you. Hex key is included if you need to tighten the joint to prevent device from lowering in the stand



Desktop & Wall Pull-Up Lazy Bracket



Imagine never getting your phone wet while washing dishes or getting your phone dirty while baking or cooking. Now you don't have to touch your tablet with dirty baker hands or drop it from slippery tomato juice.




Safe and Protective- The      stand is able to fit a 4-11 inch phone or tablet. The stand comes with strong and adjustable arms to secure your phone or tablet to prevent it falling or moving around.



Easy to Use- This stand is so easy to use anyone can use it. Simply screw on the buckle, open the stand on your desk, slide your phone in, and its ready for use! If you would like to mount it on the wall, simply take the 3M sticker off, place on your wall, screw the mount into the wall and slide the bracket inside. 






✅ The  stand has a brushed aluminum base that prevents rust. To add to the convenience, it is fully adjustable and folds down for easy storage and portability while still offering tremendous stability for your phone or tablet. The silicone pads also provide secure protection for your device. 







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    Due to COVID-19, it may take slightly longer than normal to ship your order.



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