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"THE ALL IN ONE! The phone bracket is awesome. With this bracket , it is easier to hold the phone. It is designed with rotation and flip folding which can be horizontal and vertical freely rotating. The quality is super. While making a phone call , the ring holder makes it possible to operate my phone with one hand and prevent my phone from slipping and dropping."- Alex 

Statistics show that you 25% of all car accidents are caused by phone use and 390,000 injuries occur from phone use while driving 


Multipurpose Mobile Phone Bracket


Safe Driving- Don't be the statistic. With this MULTI-HOLD PRO you can use this in your car to prevent handheld conversation and GPS navigation. Simply pull out the sawtooth and insert it into your dash. 



3 in 1 MULTI-HOLD PRO- Forget about having multiple phone attachments! All you need is this ONE! You don't have to look for your dash phone holder anymore. The Multi-Hold Pro works for everything you need. On the go, in the home, and in your car

Easy to use- With unlimited possibilities, move your phone freely in any direction. Rotate the entire bracket 360 degrees and/or the ring holder 90 degrees. Simply place the attachment on your device, then rotate to your desired position


✅ Made from quality material- The MULTI-HOLD PRO is made with very beautiful and high quality zinc alloy. The silicone serrated clip is featured with eighteen gear snaps to ensure phone stability during any sort of bumpy road conditions. 



Fail Proof- Powerful and sturdy 3M adhesive keeps your MULTI-HOLD PRO from coming off no matter what you're doing. It is also heat resistant so don't worry about the air from your vent. It has been tested and tried. So once you put it on it stays on. 

Have you experienced this before?

✅ How many times have you dropped your phone? How many times has your phone fell from your dash when you hit a speed bump in the road? Now you don't have to worry about that! You don't have to worry about fixing your screen ONE more time. You don't have to worry about trying to reach for your phone under your feet while you're driving (Dangerous YIKES!). Now you just enjoy your phone staying securely on your dash or safely in your hands without falling. 


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We stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 



Due to high demand, we often sell out. If you have any further questions,  Let us know. We’re here for you!