SafetyLock Bag



"I can finally have piece of mind. I take the subway back and forth a lot and not once did I worry about my stuff being taken. I love the fact that I can charge my phone on this backpack. There were times when my phone battery was really low and the rechargeable aspect of this backpack was life changing."



Stay Protected with Your Phone Charged Anywhere You Go 





Why You Need the SafetyLock Bag 

✅ Spacious backpack- fill with anything you need

✅ Keep your belongings safe from wet whether

✅ Keeps you safe at night

✅ Charge phone 24/7

✅ Several adjustable opening angles

✅ Cut proof material 

✅ Hidden zipper and secret pockets making it impossible for anyone to steal  

✅ Backpack design relieves spine pressure even if belongings are heavy 





Charges Device Anytime, Anywhere 

✅ With all the travel nowadays you never know where you'll need electricity. (Good luck finding it in the middle row of the lecture hall). That’s why we’ve built the SafetyLock Bag with an integrated USB port for charging on the go. 






✅ No matter what unpredictable weather you are going to face you don't have to worry! Whether you're walking to the subway in rain or snow you can be sure all of your electronics, books, and other belongings will be and safe and sound




Spacious with Adjustable Angles 

✅ You can open to your desired angle to take just what you need. Our SafetyLock Bag has room for all the gear you need to bring with you. Besides an open main compartment, you’ll find pockets for your camera, laptopphone and tablet giving you not only space but the organization too.




Stay Safe At Night 

✅ Not only are you protected against theft, but you can also stay safe in the dark with our special design of the illuminating stripe. Whether you have a late class or out late with your friends, you will always be safe





 Relieve Stress

✅ No matter how heavy your books or electronics are, we can assure you you will still be comfortable. The design of this backpack lifts the weight off your shoulders and your spine


Travel Friendly 

✅ You didn't know you need an easy access pocket did you? Well you have one here! You don't even have to take off and open your backpack to take your important documents/money/ID out. The luggage strap allows you to have an even more relaxing trip. Simply strap your backpack onto your luggage handle and carry on.


 Statistics You Need To Know 

✅ Statistics show that 1 out of every 4 tourists get pickpocketed. With so many professional thieves out in the world today you need extra protection.  You don't have to stress about anyone stealing your things on vacation. You don't have to avoid large crowds and busy subways. With this backpack you can simply relaxand enjoyyourself. 





✅ Depending on the stock and your location we will ship from a warehouse that will ensure the fastest delivery. Shipping times vary 7-21 days depending on your location. Due to COVID-19, it may take slightly longer than normal to ship your order.

 We stand behind our product, and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Due to high demand, we often sell out. If you have any further questions,  Let us know. We’re here for you!